Registration and liquidation of the company

1. Registration of a new company (IK /individual proprietor/, Biedrība /non-commercial company/, SIA /limited liability company/, AS /joint stock company) with the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia

2. Preparation of documents for entering changes in the Register of Enterprises

3. Execution of documents for purchase and sale of company’s capital shares

4. Company’s liquidation or reorganization

5. Increase or reduction of the share capital of a company

6. Company’s insolvency procedure

7. Representation of clients’ interests in the process of company’ winding-up

1. Preparation of documents for company liquidation

2. Assistance in preparation of a pre-liquidation balance sheet

3. Preparation of a petition to the court with the request to acknowledge a company insolvent

4. Representation of client’s interests at meetings of creditors (within the insolvency process)

5. Consultations regarding the insolvency process 6. Preparation of Legal Protection Process (LPP) documents

Feedbacks from our clients

SIA GP Termināls. Roberts (16.06.2015 15:26)

Pateicamies juridiskajam birojam Legal Support par ātru SIA reģistrāciju, esam apmierināti ar pakalpojumu.

Viss tika izdarīs kvalitatīvi un laikus.

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