Representation of interest

State authorities
1. Representation of a client in negotiations with officials

2. Preparation of applications, requests and complaints

3. Preparation of statements of claim and documents for filing with the court

4. Preparation of explanations to a statement of claim or preparation of a counterclaim

5. Preparation of a conciliation agreement and submission to the court for approval

6. Contesting decisions and acts of state authorities

7. Representation of client’s interests in the process of enforcement of decisions, judgments or rulings

8. Preparation of applications and documents for obtaining licenses and permits

Private matters
1. Representation of client’s interests and rendering support in private transactions

2. Representation of client’s interests in negotiations

3. Representation of client’s interests and protection against creditors

4. Search for real estate in accordance with client’s requirements

5. Performance of separate private assignments

6. Representation of interests in credit institutions (banks)

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